Alain and Gen

Alain & Gen are proud French Canadians from Montreal who have spread the love of Lindy Hop across Canada, the United States and France. In their dance, they are recognized for their spontaneity, creativity and playfulness. In their teaching, they are able to make complex dance concepts simple to understand. They believe in everyone’s ability to express themselves, and aim to bring the best out of each individual. They love Lindy Hop for its jazz roots, swingin’ music and unique way to communicate joy.

They’ve taught at dance camps like Midwest Lindy Fest, Beantown Camp and the Canadian Swing Championships, and have performed at events like Frankie 95 & Frankie 100, as well as the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown and Camp Jitterbug. In their hometown, Alain & Gen are involved in building the community with events like Montreal Swing Riot, teaching and coaching at Swing Connexion (Gen) and Cat’s Corner (Alain), and inspiring dancers locally and abroad as part of the Northern Lights dance troupe.

Alain & Gen Videos