Alina and Fedor

Originally from Kyiv (Ukraine), based worldwide. Alina has been dancing since she remembers herself, from the very early age. Having a rigorous training in a professional dance performance company Show-ballet A6 (Kyiv) since 8, Alina has been experimenting on and learning all possible dances. She met social dance at 17 and since then jazz, swing, lindy-hop, tap, blues, be-bop, UK Jazz, latin dance, traditional African dance, were the issues that excited her most. 

Fedor is probably one of the most respected lindy hop teachers in Russia. He got the recognition with dancers for his unique technique and his own style of dancing as well as his highly professional teaching. Due to him the idea of ‘social dancing’ got a new meaning and form in Saint-Petersburg dance scene and Russian swing community. In lindy Fedor stands for authenticity, presenting the dance first of all as a part of Afro-American culture. Fedor comes from Cherepovets, an industrial city in the North of Russia, where he started his dancing career as a ballroom dancer in 1990. In 1994 he started dancing with ‘Bomond’ Dance Theatre. Since 1998 he has been living and working in Saint-Petersburg. In 2000 he started to dance and teach lindy hop and promote social dancing. At present Fedor teacher lindy hop and salsa in his studio ‘Casa Latina.’ ‘Jazz for me is not an abstract music, first of all it’s ‘dancing’ mood, light emotional excitement. Partner dance+jazz=swingdance. I don’t stick to any particular styles of swing dancing. All of them are good. In dancing my cornerstones are music, comfort, freedom and partnership.’

Alina & Fedor Videos