Daria and Dmitry

Daria (Dasha) one of the best swing dance follower in Russia. She started her career at The Music school, when she was 7 years old. She studied choreography, jazz modern, tap dance, actors skills and singing there.
She discovered to dance Boogie Woogie in 2007 and a few years later Lindy Hop. She has won lots of competitions such as Moscow X-Mas Lindy Hop Jack & Jill 2014, Lindy Shock Jack & Jill 2012, Open Russian Championships Boogie Woogie 2011,2013,2014, Open Russian Championships Lindy Hop Showcase light 2014, Moscow Jitterbug contest 2011, Invitational JnJ Battle in Moscow 2013 and another.
Now she takes a part only in Lindy Hop competitions and teaches in Russia and in another countries.
Dance is a freedom for her, which gives a chance to get a lots of emotions and expressions and certainly to find a new friends . As she says: «If you want to communicate, lets dance!»
Before dancing Dmitry used to do some of different sports, like tennis, football, hockey, karate etc. Once he saw people dancing with swing music in one famous jazz club, and then he realized what he want to do for rest of his life. Taking classes, trips to the swing dance camps and events, competing, teaching – Dmitry likes everything about it so much, that he dance all of swing dance styles.
Today Dmitry one of the top Russian dancers and also bass player in The Facepalmers, jazz dance band.
In dancing Dmitry appreciates a wide range of moods, play with rhythms and dynamics, because it helps to continuously improvise and interact with your partner, and it looks good oт a social floor and in competitions.

Daria & Dmitry Videos