Dee and Josh

Dee started Swing Dancing at the age of four with her Dad in the basement while wearing her Mom’s heels and her favorite plaid skirt. With a hiatus into hip hop during her school years, she realized her true dance calling was Lindy Hop, and was a co-founding member of the Bemidji State Swing Dance Club. For over a decade she’s shared her love of lindy hop with dancers young and old. She has became an influential member of the Twin Cities scene, and continues to inspire students at all levels. She looks to motivate new generations of swing dancers by organizing programs for Minnesota’s Youth.

Dee loves to shake her thang and she wants you to shake yours, too. She encourages self-expression on the dance floor, and prides herself on making each dance unique to the musical experience and partner, creating an authentic dance conversation. She advocates individual creativity as the true spirit of Lindy Hop.

She has taught,performed, and choreographed around the Midwest. She thought it was exceptionally cool to be invited to dance for the Dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. But even more ridiculously exhilarating was the opportunity to assist Frankie Manning in teaching a class! Most important to know is that Dee never refuses Peanut M&Ms, and will gladly become a lifelong friend to anyone who offers her that bite sized chocolate heaven.

She’s won several awards, but mostly she wants to have a good dance. You should ask her, she follows and leads….and she wants to dance with you.

Joshua Mclean started dancing Lindy Hop in 2011. In these past six years, his travels brought him to Chile, Spain, Sweden, Canada, and across the US to teach, perform, and learn Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Solo Vernacular Jazz.

Throughout his dance career, his vision for performances encapsulates the utilization of rhythms to share musical storylines to audiences. As a teacher, he challenges students to broaden their balance, fluidity of motion, and rhythmical accuracy. And, within his social dancing, he seeks to engage with his partner in themes of movements and emotions from the music to co-create a groove.

Joshua strives to pursue and foster dancing that conveys strong narratives specific to the individual and to Black cultures. His passion for sharing such dancing arose from direct influences of his best-loved achievements: Becoming a Frankie Manning
Foundation Ambassador; performing in the Lindy Focus New Year’s Eve Show; and teaching Lindy hop from Campfire USA’s 103rd birthday celebration.

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