Marie and Franzi

Teaching: Solo Track / Jazz / Show & Tasters

Franzi discovered her passion for dance right after she learned how to stand on two feet. She has been dancing for 22 years now and explored a big variety of styles: jazz dance, hip hop, house dance, folklore, cheer dance – you name it. After moving to her new home base Leipzig, she stumbled upon a solo jazz class in 2013 and was instantly hooked. The magical attraction of swing dance led to a passionate deep dive into everything the scene had to offer. For 4 years she now has been teaching solo jazz and lindy hop and helps organizing workshops, parties and dance events with her home crew Lindy Hop Leipzig. Swing Dance for her is the easiest and most heartfelt way of expressing herself. She loves getting lost in the music, creating a flow, connecting honestly with dance partners and sharing the joy & love.

Marie teaches Lindy Hop since 2013. She feel in love with Lindy Hop and Swing during her time at Dresden-University. Since then she earned credits competing on many European events. She startet with teaching at Dresden Hepcats and now lives in Berlin where she gives lessons with Swingspiration and in Little Lennox Corner. Her important message for you: enjoy the dance, have fun!

She started dancing in her young children age. Her combined experience of Ballett and Swing dancing allows a playful game with musicality and rhythms. She makes sure to create a motivating, challenging, and entertaining workshop experience for you. She is also engaged to DJ for dancers.

Franzi and Marie have been working together for about 3 years, performing and teaching Solo-Jazz, Charleston and Lindy Hop. Booth dance and travel internationally. They also won Jack n Jill contests at Plenty Hot in 2014 (Marie) and in 2017 (Franzi).

Marie & Franzi Videos