Locations and Maps

We move to Dresden this year, to the site of our dance studio and ballroom / Savoy Club & Zentralwerk.
So this page will be updated in time.

The Plenty Hot 2019 Workshops and Parties will be placed in Dresden-Coswig / Germany

Registrants will also receive a factsheet.pdf in the email before the weekend.

Börse Coswig / Ballroom & Dance Studio

Hauptstr. 29
01460 Coswig

Turnhalle Gymnasium Coswig / Gymnasium Big

Melanchthonstr. 10
01460 Coswig

Turnhalle Grundschule Coswig / Gymnasium Small & hosting

Radeburger Str. 10, 01460 Coswig

Locations Map Image: LARGE JPG LINK

Locations on Google Maps: MY MAPS LINK