Terms and Conditions

AGB / Terms and Conditions

To avoid ending up bankrupt, we aligned the following rules… with your registration you accept these terms and policies.

Jam Circle reserves the right to cancel the workshop, if need be. In case of a cancellation in account to Jam Circles responsibility  – which has never happend in our past – you will receive almost full value refund of your purchased tickets, deducting a 9 EUR charge for our services. Jam Circle cannot held liable for lost property, or for injuries incurred at the workshop or related to any registration.

+++ You can always find a replacement taking your spot, according to your role (Lead/Follow). Please submit changes until June 18th 2024, 10:00 am. We won’t accept any changes beyond this date.

+++ If you cancel your booking for any reason before March 31th 2024 there is a 40 % cancellation fee.

+++ If you cancel your booking for any reason between April 1st 2024 and May 20th 2024 there is a 60 % cancellation fee.

+++ For cancellations after May 21st 2024, no refunds can be granted.

+++ Impacts like natural hazards, crisis, pandemics, blackouts, heat wave, strikes, political disasters, public morals, market crash’s or else can hit us hard and bring our workshop in situations of not being able to perform classes and evenings as planed. Likewise, we might need to cancel the event despite of own will and responsibility. Regarding our obligations, our services and work to do .. half of your full participation fee will then be refundable and the other half accounts as fee for our services. Full donations in such cases make a real difference helping to pre-long the life and future of Plenty Hot Lindy Hop workshop series.

All registrations are binding, oblige acceptance and payment within 14 days after receiving payment instructions. The German Distance Selling Act bears a two week revocation period, but according to § 312g Paragraph 2 Nr. 9 BGB it is not applicable for ticket sales or camp bookings. Despite this German Distance Selling Act we allow you to transfer your camp registration and social tickets to another person without any fees until June 18th 2024. We also offer the cancellation of your order. The above mentioned cancellation fees apply according to the date of your cancellation.

Each registration is binding and obliges payment. If you receive payment instructions we accepted your registration. Contact us if you did not receive any instructions. You absolve Jam Circle and the Plenty Hot organization team, their agents, the instructors, the ballroom and the hotel staff of any and all responsibility for injuries and future injuries you might suffer or cause in result of my participation at Plenty Hot workshops, dances, competitions, it’s surrounding areas and parking lots. You grant to Jam Circle deluxe the unrestricted rights to take motion and still pictures having you included. To use and distribute these pictures and recordings, in any and all media now known or hereafter invented, devised, or discovered, in perpetuity, throughout the world, including without limitation in advertisements, publicity, marketing and merchandising.

Registrants please provide your valid email address, no old email please. Understand that in order of your participation we want to be able to contact you.

With your registration you will accept all ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct). The event provide best frame for creating a save and a fun environment. All involved parties are obliged to follow all guidelines with that framework. The event cannot be liable for securing against individual drama or health risks. We promote a straight edge dancing environments and safe spaces.