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S1 – exit Pieschen Station
Line 3 – exit Zeithainer Str.
Line 13 – exit Liststraße or Bürgerstraße
Bus 64, 70 and 74  . . .





Jam Circle – Savoy Club |
Riesaer Str. 32
01027 Dresden-Pieschen 

On the site

Savoy Club has several ways to enter. Most pass the Spätshop – Late Night Shop, then use the central entrance, go down and make a right. The studio is located in Souterrain, you can find a door bell with names Jam Circle, Savoy Club and Jens Rahnfeld. The code to ring is: B10506 – first try reaching us without the bell. Train and S-Bahn: S1 until Pieschen, Line 3 until Zeithainer Str., Line 13 until Liststraße or Bürgerstraße, Bus 64, 70 and 74.

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