Welcome to Plenty Hot 2✿21

from May 1Xth-1Xth • • 8h lindy classes each track + 4h solo lessons + 3 nights of dancing

certainly everyone knows boarders are closed and airlines not providing flights. we are sorry about having that situation. We aim to be 100% reliable organizer, but it was totally not in our hands. please take care about what accommodation or rides you need to cancel for yourselves. We will mail all participants in next week(s), but we need to prepare some things before!

no event in 2020

2020/04/02 20:00:00

we’ll be back

Groups of 10 people, 5x Lead / 5x Follow, (+/-1) can get special group discounts!!! Just contact us or send details of your group (name, email, role (L/F), level, lunch (V/M/not).

Dear friends of Lindy Hop dancing!

The registrations has opened up –  2020 our will have it’s debut for first time directly in Dresden @ Savoy Club & Zentralwerk ♡ We again have great instructors to announce. Our amazing 2020 instructors line-up are: Juan & Mariel (ARG), Arnas & Egle (LTU), Marie & Franzi (GER) .. the webpage update has just begun … information here will be added. The date is May 15-17, 2020.

Lets rock and roll the perfect wooden floor in our new Zentralwerk location: Ballroom & Savoy Club, directly in Dresden. Polish & refresh your repertoire, meet nice dancers and Lindy Hop friends from all over Europe.

Get 8h Lindy Hop / 4h Solo Jazz / Taster / 3x Nights inside of a Ballroom / Listen to the great sound of 2x live BANDs & BIG BANDS from BRNO & PRAGUE … DJs from Berlin and Dresden ♪♫  group discounts, solo track, partner track, rates starting from 85 EUR / 150 EUR.

We are already excited!
Your Plenty Hot Team ♡♡♡

// we are going to inform every one of our registrants in this or next week about how we proceed and what options you will get to choose for a refund. Thanks for being patient! As you can understand we now have nothing close to an income now, but at the end definitely a loss & almost tripple the amount of work load (organizing first, reversing the event, organizing it again . what a fun).