Welcome to Plenty Hot 2✿20

from May 15th-17th • • 8h lindy classes each track + 4h solo lessons + 3 nights of dancing

lazy bird registration is open

2020/04/02 20:00:00

lazy bird until April 2nd

Groups of 10 people, 5x Lead / 5x Follow, (+/-1) can get special group discounts!!! Just contact us or send details of your group (name, email, role (L/F), level, lunch (V/M/not).

Dear friends of Lindy Hop dancing!

The registrations has opened up –  2020 our will have it’s debut for first time directly in Dresden @ Savoy Club & Zentralwerk ♡ We again have great instructors to announce. Our amazing 2020 instructors line-up are: Juan & Mariel (ARG), Arnas & Egle (LTU), Marie & Franzi (GER) .. the webpage update has just begun … information here will be added. The date is May 15-17, 2020.

Lets rock and roll the perfect wooden floor in our new Zentralwerk location: Ballroom & Savoy Club, directly in Dresden. Polish & refresh your repertoire, meet nice dancers and Lindy Hop friends from all over Europe.

Get 8h Lindy Hop / 4h Solo Jazz / Taster / 3x Nights inside of a Ballroom / Listen to the great sound of 2x live BANDs & BIG BANDS from BRNO & PRAGUE … DJs from Berlin and Dresden ♪♫  group discounts, solo track, partner track, rates starting from 85 EUR / 150 EUR.

We are already excited!
Your Plenty Hot Team ♡♡♡

// yeah, and thanks for your patience! We just posted the schedules!
// final page updates will come until end of March!
// no question we will dance and have the event for sure. eat healthy food, rest & take care