Sonia and Hector

Sonia has been dancing different styles of dance since the age of 5, but Lindy Hop is the one that has captured her heart. She has been teaching regular classes in Barcelona, Spain since 2000, and over Europe for the last 5 years. Being part of the Barswingona Dance Company and with a classical and jazz background, she is well known in her city as a fantastic social dancer and a dedicated traveling international instructor. As a teacher, she is known to be approachable, patient, and willing to dance with her students.

Recently, she has received some awards from well known competitions: third place in the ILHC 2014 Open Classic division with Héctor Artal, third place in ILHC 2014 Stricly Lindy division with Jamin Jackson, second place in the ILHC 2012 Classic division with Jamin Jackson, and third place in The Snowball 2013 Stricly Lindy division with Gustav Jakobsson.

Hector is a swing dancer (Lindy Hop and Jazz solo). Beginning with the ballroom dances, he felt more interested on the latin rhythms, Afrocuban dances and the Argentinian Tango. It was not until 2005 that he started dancing Lindy Hop, but he was captured by the essence of the dance and he began teaching it in 2009. Nowadays, Hector dances and teaches Cuban Salsa, Argentinian Tango and Lindy hop in different important schools of Barcelona. His teaching is known to be focused on the roots of each dance and he likes to develop one’s own body movements within the couple dance in order to improve both leads and follows connection. Also, he is been using these concepts for his own improving as a dancer by taking part of Working Progress (a Barcelona contemporary dance company) as well as being member of an Afrocuban dance company.

Sonia & Hector Videos